I wrote this then with so many tears in my eyes

On the morning of December 14, the year 2012
Twenty little angels were brought to heaven
After a man in black thought he closed their book
But he was wrong, so very wrong…
The story of these angels will remain eternal
Just like the Song of Sandy Hook

Charlotte, an angel with hair of red curls
Strumming softly the heavenly harp
While Daniel taps on his favorite drum
The beat so thunderously sharp
Olivia nearby, cuddling her little lamb
Giggling and having so much fun
And Chase, readying himself for a triathlon
No matter the outcome, he’d already won
Josephine, an angel setting up the lemonade stand
To quench the thirst of those around
And Dylan, bouncing up and down on a trampoline
The hands of God to  support his ground
Jesse, in the pasture saddling up his favorite horse
Going to ride the heavenly course
And Madeline, though a bit shy she shares the reins
With the Guide of a mighty force
Benjamin, with tool belt around his waist
Getting ready to help build the fort
While Emilie, so full of precious grace
… playing the perfect sport
Jessica,  pencil in hand, drawing the equine sketch
And Jack,  looking like Victor Cruz
As he makes the touchdown catch

Caroline, an angel who loves the simple things
Dressed in jeans (small) and a pink Tee
Little Ana Marquez-Greene, oh the way she sings
Making Heaven sound like the Hall of Carnegie
Grace playing dress-up with fine jewelry
While her sweet Puddin’ wags its tail
Avielle on her horse, a sight you shall see
When you follow the eternal trail
The Story of these Angels forever to remain
Just ask James, with spiked hair and all
As he rides his bike like a pro
And Allison, eternity has etched her name
Her angelic face aglow
Catherine, with freckles and hair of crimson
And a scent of sweet perfume
Spirited Noah,  playing to win some
of the laughs echoing the room
On the day of December 14, the year 2012
… the day the earth tumbled and shook
But what we shall always remember
Are the Angels of Sandy Hook
by Ricky J. Fico
The Angels of Sandy Hook

Forever in My Memory, in my Heart and in my Soul
Forever now in Eternity, Forever in Happiness the Goal

God whispers to Me, You of Sandy Hook Sparkling and Free
I Listen and see the Glisten and Oh, How I Feel Your Serenity.

Ricky J. Fico

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