From my archives, originally published on my blog, “The Thirteenth Insight” which has since then been commandeered by the “Open Domain Market” and is now a portal into a Web Sex Cam site. Yes, I am quite insightful but I didn’t see that coming…

Original Publication Date: 11/22/2016

Archival Donald Trump

I had heard  Donald Trump say, “I’m going to make America great again!” This has been his slogan, his tagline, his campaign pledge. What does he really mean by this, I must ask myself! When did he first decide that “America isn’t great?” I really need to know if you really want to know the truth. Why? Because I must understand better the factors that he has chosen to declare that “America isn’t great!” Is it the economy? Is it our cultural diversity? Is it that we’ve a black president now? Or is it a combination of these factors?

To get a better picture of perhaps Donald Trump’s true agenda, his motivations, his proclivities I must use the past, his past as a guide, a road map if you will. I must listen more closely to his proclamations, his sometime-inflamed rhetoric, both on the campaign trail and in private.

I must always remember a simple truth: “Don’t always believe what you see or  what you hear!” Ah, but I must often rely on what I feel – sometimes driven by my own conscience or at times, by means that are beyond this realm.

Firstly, let me clarify a valiant point: I as an optimist and one who seeks harmony versus dissension wants nothing more than Donald Trump being a successful president. I want nothing more than seeing this country come together and not falling apart. I don’t want to see clashes between races, between cultures, between male and female, between those in the city and those in the rural areas. I don’t want to see deadly clashes between the so-called left and right.

(to be continued) 

Since I originally penned that blog posting, 1583 days had surpassed, a lot has happened, a lot has been learned, a lot has been discerned. 

Through the tragedies, triumphs and trampolines I for one stand on this precipice, staring out again into the vastness of the sea and still journey back to that day when I chanced to be free… 


2 thoughts on “FOR THE SAKE OF US ALL”

  1. I had that happen to me once too, where a poem I had penned was picked up and “used” by a sex site. So deflating. I like the perspective you took. It is the internet after all….
    Interesting post! I found your blog from MeWe.

  2. Thank you Kim and yes, my blog that I had for about three years, where I poured my heart and soul into… commandeered into a portal to a Sex Cam website. I think it’s an act of Satan. But won’t get this website, which is protected from such evil motives. I had climbed higher and for good reason too.

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