Connected by Fate, Connected by Time, Place and Need-

Akiane, you are telling my story and I am telling yours.

Akiane, it is by no mere coincidence that you were born on that pivotal date of July 9.

Everything you speak of here I can relate to in a very big way! As if I were speaking it myself. Yes, there is a lot happening in this world, a lot of it very painful to bear witness to…

Ah, but both you and I have our place here! We were both blessed with a bounty of gifts. And it is with these gifts that hopefully we can make a difference… You and I both had visions of heaven, real and unadulterated.

Your wonderful paintings inspire the multitudes, provides some with a renewed sense of optimism, tranquility and hope…ah yes, that’s what is really all about, now isn’t it!

Just a week ago I had a calling. I was in the kitchen doing dishes after spending time in my bedroom/office bent on putting together a new e-commerce site where I will try to sell personalized mugs, t-shirts etc. etc. 

And then I heard a notification ding from my cellphone which was on the little kitchen island. I went over to my phone, picked it up and …

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“I’ve been called upon to revive my 3 manuscripts– “Moods Over A September Moon” ”Beyond The Broken Door” and “A Prequel To A Life Worth Living.”

These 3 manuscripts follow my journey – from childhood to adulthood and the revelations given me that I have been called upon to share with the world. I am offering here a very open window. You are welcome to this window. I ask of you to keep an open mind, an open heart as I had done throughout my own (sober) life.”

When I subscribed to “The Book Marketing Network” in 2006 it was my intention of trying to secure a literary agent to help market my unfinished memoir, “Moods Over A September Moon .” 

But not too long after this yearning I start receiving messages from my Higher Power to focus on writing something about the greed, the fraud, the absconding of corporate funds, the wealthy becoming hell-bent on getting wealthier, oftentimes at the expense of the underprivileged, the low- paid workers and those being enslaved in this world.

I thought about the Enron and Worldcom debacle. So I put my pen to paper and wrote one paragraph, where I espoused my anger….

Next thing you know I had 2, 3, 4 paragraphs… but what was emerging was almost an entirely different story than what I was intending to write. It as if my pen began pointing in the direction of the strongest wind. And as a result, my semi-autobiographical story “Beyond the Broken Door” was born. 

And after a few months rolled by, I felt the presence of my higher power, this time summoning me to publish a trilogy. Of course I thought of working simultaneously on  “Moods Over A September Moon” Beyond The Broken Door” and “A Prequel To A Life Worth Living.”

But then I relapsed once again. And soon I was homeless and of course I lost the ability to write, to focus on God, to be my true self. It seems as though Satan had me in his clutches again. 

But now Today – My Face is getting Clearer!

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