Broken dreams, leaving you cold
and lonely in the night
An empty heart,
growing so old
There seems to be no
hope in sight

Promises that haven’t been kept
lingering deep within your mind
Remembering all the times you wept
feeling helpless and blind

So sure that there’s no way out
seems to be no cure
in the final bout

Voices calling your name,
through the silent night
Shadows of an eternal flame
flickering so bright

Weakened and distraught
You search for the door
but it seems that you’ve been caught
In this endless war

but now. . .

Open your eyes and see the light
It shines upon us all
In the darkness, your future
still looks bright
It’s just your shadow that still looms tall

By: Ricky J. Fico


[Led Zeppelin -“In The Light”]


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