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(One of 6 papers I wrote for a Philosophy Class – Ethics – Wright Junior College during the Spring of 1994) Also see: Justice – Divine Intervention 

A community is comprised of many components of diversity that form together a common bond of cohesion. Deviation from this cohesion, by an act of immorality or lawlessness is an act of conspiracy against the community. For a community to survive and prosper, there must be an organized effort to promote unity through its common laws and observances of these laws. A concerted effort to promote harmony in the community by disallowing unremitting or habitual breaches is in its intentions, to ensure safety and enjoyment of the community.

Although a community can prosper and enjoy the benefits that each of its members help to provide through diversity of ideas and diversity of spirit I do not think that a community can truly prosper when there are vast differences in morality. If one cannot distinguish right from wrong, there is a good chance that his or her errors would impede the combined efforts towards happiness in the community.

The “family unit” has become much more mobile in today’s society than in other societies. The implications of this mobility are such that the further development of our moral conscience is dependent on our adaptability to the extraneous circumstances that exist.

Fragmentation of the family, through divorce or less noble means, such as abandonment, drug abuse, alcoholism and other means of negligence has had a greater impact on our community than we may be willing to accept.

Being able to adapt in a world where the fragments of disenchantment beg for reconciliation is an undertaking that we cannot ignore. We must not close our doors to the disenfranchised, because if we do, we would only help to perpetuate the illness that already exists. Since families are the main components of our communities, the break-up of families through flagrancy is a direct insult on the community, therefore hampering the progress of the community.

What I have witnessed as a flagrant disregard for each other, through the actions of gangs and the like, I can then realize the full implication of this fragmentation. It is a sad state of affairs when our potential to do well and contribute to our community is diminished by the acts of radical withdrawal. We have to reconsider the importance of our roles as members of a family, members of a larger family called community and the interactions that combined, provide a better world environment for all of us. It is a great commitment but one that would offer a more civilized world for our children to enjoy.”

Leonardo Lampanelli 


"Get Together" - The Youngbloods

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