“A foundation is but the base and it is the collection of building blocks that creates what many should strive to ascend

By: Ricky J. Fico

Yes Michael, at about 8 or 9 years old, I, too became somewhat aware of my life’s  mission –  although at times I lost my focus, was blinded by the ways of the world but ironically, perhaps the very reason I was assigned that role in the first place was because of the ways of the world.

The first time I heard Michael W. Smith was sometime in the fall of 2009. It was during my stay at the Wayside Cross Ministries. I was brought there by a pastor I met that summer during my alcohol-induced homelessness. 

One morning, one fine morning after our Chapel mass, the deacon slipped into the CD player a disc. And then…..

Hands of Hands

As I am listening to this beautiful song I am overcome with emotion, so much emotion that I began sobbing profusely. I put my face in my hands and at that moment, that very moment I felt a hand on my shoulder. I knew from which arm, from which body this hand came… 

I was touched by God (again). After the song ended I cleared my eyes, rose from my chair and went over to the deacon. 

“Who sang that most beautiful song?”

He replied. “Michael W. Smith and if you want to borrow his CD you are welcome to it. We have a few copies in the library!” 

“Of course I do!’

 Every night for the next month I deposited that magical disc in my little portable CD player with the headphones and drifted off into heaven…

Serendipity, synchronicity 
mysterious ways, God speaks to me…
the world before me
its wonders and too,
somber bouts of reality  

Me, but a child of time
Mountains and valleys
Oh, how deeply I must climb

Serendipity and synchronicity
Hidden messages revealed to me
Oh, how at times 
the truth uncurls from its mystery
And deeply I must climb 
to unwind the strands of reality 

Ricky J. Fico