You played your games, deftly and with skill
time had left me, now there’s no time to kill
You once could climb a mountain
now you’re just a fool on the hill
Do you remember the joy you found in
sharing with me your strength and will
But now you play a solitary game of gin
followed by a bottle of pills

You are the opponent in a foolish game
in which was created from despair
Addiction is the enemy
on every checkerboard square
Dereliction of duty reigns within you
your every move is another dare
I will soon fold my hand
your full house still beats my pair

You are being tossed about, silly games persist
checkmated, you will surely succumb
Living and playing the Game of Risk
from the reality of life you run
Tagging along to a wind so brisk
tomorrow will never come

Ricky J. Fico

But, oh how I tried … you scornfully pushed me away but got on your knees in front of the Pusher… I tried, oh how I tried … but you pushed me away … But remember I will still always be here for you! 

[Aerosmith "Amazing"']

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