George Floyd Memorial

Chauvin-istic, sadistic, knee upon the neck
Over nine minutes, his victim, face pushed into the clefts
Spectators in agony, their calling card for help
Pushed down deep into the deck –
Officers under the badge, sworn to serve and protect
For no good reason, the oath they now reject
George Floyd, he a man, not some throw-away derelict
Too, a son, a brother, father – let us take care of the sick

Chauvin-istic, sadistic, oblivious to life’s sanctity
Under the sun, supposedly the land of the free
On May 25 of 2020, stealing a life most deliberately
And this time though, for the whole world to see
George Floyd, his life forever etched in memory
But his death – a reminder of another senseless tragedy

George Floyd, though he had his troubles and woes 
and walked a sometime crooked and winding path
Chauvin though, should have stopped the grinding
of concrete and forced into George’s nose
And the spectators all around, their hearts filled with wrath
helplessly watching George’s life come to a close
None of this adds up, a terribly wrong kind of math
Another life senselessly snuffed out by the act one man chose.

Ricky J. Fico

Let me say this vociferously, most emphatically: For those out there suggesting that George Floyd was nothing but a hoodlum, a criminal, a drug addict and that he somehow deserved what he got you are so wrong, so mistaken. I will say “Get off my Land!” 

Did Derrick Chauvin murder George Floyd in part, because he is a racist and thinks that those of a different pigment are less deserving of life, I don’t know. But let me say this:

Concerning the matter of “Race” do you think because you are in the “White” car you have the right to cheat and collide with the world in order to make it to that imaginary finish line. 

If you continue with that blatant ideology then I will say to you (rather emphatically) “Get Off My Land”


2 thoughts on “TO SERVE, TO PROTECT”

  1. Huh? It’s a decently written poem. The content is umm…not terribly original or accurate. You’re entitled to your beliefs about this and it’s certainly your 1st amendment right. It’s also mine to say there was reasonable doubt and I don’t believe the entire jury would have reached a guilty verdict on all 3 counts had it not been for external pressure and fear. Manslaughter I can see the argument, but I’m not sorry…I don’t see murder. Also, there’s a difference between martyring George Floyd and Kobe Bryant. One person consistently added value to society and the other did not. Please stop glorifying people simply because it serves an agenda you want to push. I’m sure he had some good qualities as a person, but it’s not my job to overlook the track record of crime he had either simply because it offends you. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

    1. Firstly, I am not martyring George Floyd nor would I want to martyr Kobe Bryant. And yes, thank you for allowing me to have my beliefs just as I feel you are entitled to yours. Secondly, who said I am glorifying George Floyd? Oh, you did! Let me assure I am not glorifying George Floyd. And I am still going along with the verdict, the case was proven. The witnesses for the prosecution including the Chief of Police stated that Chauvin applied unnecessary force, resulting in his death. Oh and you say you feel sorry for me. DON’T! I pled my case, now carry on “Anonymous!”

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