No, I am not God, I am not Jesus; nor am I Saint or a preacher…. What I am, though, is perhaps what I’ve always been — a Messenger! And to fulfill my role as Messenger I had to waddle my way through one heck of an obstacle course. I know now the reasons why though — to make me stronger, to provide me with a greater understanding, to provide me more compassion, to provide me the many tools that would help me fulfill my duties. 

Today’s world is much more complex than it was then!

Here I stand today, looking out into the wilderness of humanity – many of its souls, and thankfully so,  uninterrupted and unspoiled by the specters of  greed, avarice and diversionary tactic that has enslaved far too many leaders, lawmakers, politicians, bankers – those who hold higher position, and those who are supposed to set a greater standard….

I now turn to the High Renaissance – particularly, Florence Italy and its surrounding environs. It is there where I myself, had set foot a few years ago….  Before this, when I learned of  Masilio Ficino (born Figline, 1433) and his major impact on the “rebirth,” I knew that if I went to Florence I just may stumble upon a few clues to my own being. And I did…. and it all began to make sense.

Firstly, I must thank the wealthy and powerful Cosimo de’ Medici…for his sponsorship and patronage of Marsilio Ficino, allowing him the time and space to advance his studies and his life’s work that helped lay the foundation for which many stood and to this day, continue to stand – me being one of them. For this I am most pleased.

Ficino, too, understood that before him were those  who were also divinely inspired. In his translation in Latin of  the Hermetic Corpus, discussing Hermes as first in this chain of sages he says:

Among philosophers, he first turned from physical and mathematical topics to contemplation of things divine, and he was the first to discuss with great wisdom the majesty of God, the order of demons, and the transformations of souls.

The transformation of souls? Yes, I believe there is much merit here. Looking at my own life and the myriad of synchronicities  (in which I share some of them here on this site), I have reason to believe that soul, my own soul had transcended both time and place. When I first stepped off the bus in Florence (from Rome), I felt that yes, I had been there before….perhaps, over five hundred years ago. I saw familiarity and felt an overwhelming sense of contentment. Though this was my first time (at least, in this life) in Florence, I felt a welcoming presence….

 I know there are naysayers who may not believe in such transcendence but that is OK…   I ask:  Is my goal to prove the naysayers wrong and the believers right? No, of course not!  You must form your own opinions! Just as I have done throughout my own life. I like to consider myself an original thinker, though it is true that I am influenced by others, and rightfully so…. It is my belief that we must also learn from each other.

Ricky J. Fico

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