Paddock, Bump stock …out the window, looks like Woodstock
Semi made into auto on the floor of thirty-two
Aimless and brainless… knock, knock into the flock
Blood, mayhem, death ..breaking wide into full view

Country led by the sounds of Jason Aldean
Rounds followed by rounds indiscriminately unseen
Paddock, Bump stock…, a deadly combo lurking nearby
Life and death, a madman who stands in between
Reasons? Nothing but evil can explain the reasons why

Country fans in Vegas who had planned their day
Smiles, laughter and cheers, oh let the music play
But dauntingly, hauntingly… high up at the Mandalay
comes the hail, the deadly spray, oh put your hands
together and pray

Ricky J. Fico

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas October 1, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting October 1, 2017 

The morning of this massacre, O.J. Simpson (#32) had returned to Vegas after spending nine years in prison. I told myself, “Evil has returned to Vegas!” Later that night I realized that it did, in fact, return….and showed itself unmercifully.

OJ Simpson Released From Prison

Please see Justice-Divine Interveention


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