As an extension of my over-all makeup (Avon, Revlon… wait a minute, I don’t wear makeup) but as an extension of my over-all being I am somewhat a philosophical humorist and at times, a quick-witted nitwit. And of course, I also wear both hats of  the world-renowned advice Guru – Dan (The Man) Landers.
Beside my more serious writings (philosophies, memoir, observations, essays) I find balance in letting loose occasionally by putting on my Humor Helmet.
My blog “Live From You Dorks -It’s A Sadder Day’ Night of Jive” provides me the platform and stage to engage in some funny business.
One of my past dear friends, who died suddenly and unexpectedly Christmas Eve 2007 was Beverly Cardella, professionally known as Pudgy! the Queen of Tease.  
Pudgy was not only a genius but she was a very humble person and a woman of high integrity. At a time, she was like a sister to me. We were meant to connect, I believe, another gift from God.
Pudgy Cardella - The Queen of Tease
I remember so well when Pudgy called me the morning O.J. Simpson’s murder trial ended with a verdict of “Not Guilty.”
 She was crying and said to me, “He got away with it.” I told her, “Pudgy, don’t worry, in time, he will pay!” 
On December 5, 2008, Simpson was sentenced to a total of 33 years in prison for the crime he committed in Las Vegas on September 13, 2007 (my birthday). 
I wish Pudgy was still alive to witness this triumph but if I am right, and I strongly believe that I am, Pudgy is sitting on the right side of God and knows the outcome.


Pudgy’s birthday is March 19, mine September 13. If I project my birth date (9-1-3) in the mirror it would reflect (3-1-9).
Anyway, I was in awe of Pudgy’s genius and quick-wit, but more than that, her godly attributes that contributed to her being a great mother to her children and a friend to humankind.

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