Heavenly SKIES

Resurrected – on the path of my journey
I now stand corrected, connected
All those days lonely
-dismissed, rejected, neglected
My life, in its entirety
Revealed, uncovered, inspected

From the thorny fields where I lay
I rise resurrected – to meet this day
Look up to the skies, embrace the Love
Down on my knees, to this world I pray
Oh, angels angling, angling from above

Resurrected – on the path of my journey
soul’s realigned, heart and mind selected
All those days alone – dismissed, rejected
But now, lay bare the truest of truths
My life, this world – the entirety

from the thorny fields I have risen
To meet this day,
A day where the world, still in division
Let’s stand corrected, connected
-unified, dignified – the world in revision

Ricky J. Fico

[Michael W. Smith – “Above All”]

Crucified, laid behind a stone
You lived to die, rejected and alone
Like a rose, trampled on the ground
You took the fall and thought of me

I had planned a trip to Kauai,
my heaven on earth
…preparing to die
But a hurricane came by
and provided me rebirth
I was better off alive
I had planned to leave for Kauai
on the twelfth of September,
the year nineteen ninety two
But the day before,
on September eleventh
God spoke as Hurricane Iniki
barreled through
My plans on suicide died
as I realized the truth
The many hard lessons
I was forced to learn
were the ones handed to me
while still a youth

On the night of September eleventh,
the year of 1992
I was given life and a new beginning
…the wheels of truth were spinning
With purpose, I realized
I had so much yet to do

The many hard lessons
I was forced to learn
were preparation courses
for the days ahead
And in March of 1993,
Kauai I did return
the cradle of my life,
the beauty its bed

Ricky J. Fico


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