Moon over the Ocean

thru time and place

In my heart, in my soul – a rhapsody of love, light and glimpses of You

Traversing the universe, high above in flight 
the sight of heaven and oceans of blue
-Ricky J. Fico- 

Moods Over A September Moon

Tell us what you’ve seen in faraway forgotten lands
Where empires have turned back to sand.

Wonderful day for passing my way.
Knock on my door and even the score
With your eyes.

[Lovely To See You -The Moody Blues]

Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face
With stars to fill my dreams
I am a traveler of both time and space
To be where I have been

[Kashmir -Led Zeppelin]

“Compassion needn’t cost anything more than the price one pays to learn how to give unconditionally.” 

“True contemplation lessens the falsity of indecision and the burden of inaction”

Ricky J. Fico


I have reason, I have rhyme 
pondering my thoughts
throughout the eons of time,

Life to me but an open book
With each page
I learn something new
Yet I await the next chapter
the most revealing clue …

Somewhere, perhaps far in the distance-
beyond the field of asteroid 
Eternal fields that welcome our stance
and Our dreams of Love and Peace

Ricky J. Fico

  • Treat each other with dignity and respect!
  • No Man holds Dominion Over Another.
  • It’s always good to take a stand unless it causes another good man or woman to fall. 
  • Live and Love and Be Kind
  • Concerning the matter of “Race” do you think because you are in the “White” car you have the right to cheat and collide with the world in order to make it to that imaginary finish line. ///  If you continue with that blatant ideology then I will say to you (rather emphatically) “Get Off My Land” 
  • And remember:  the Truth always finds a way to reveal itself!
  • And remember: the Life you lead is the same one you must follow. 
  • Mocking or harassing  another because of a variance in shade is an absolute  immoral and unconstitutional strike against Humanity and must cease once and for all!  
  • And remember: the Triumph of Humanity can only be achieved through the vast collection of Good Deeds. 
  • “Sex may perpetuate the species but it is Love that perpetuates the Soul.” 

Original Quotes by Ricky J. Fico


The night before last, I saw a glimpse of the past
and beheld in my gaze the days of my youth
The night before last I gathered the dust
that had been swept beneath my bed
And held it in my hands

The night before last I grasped the filings
of days long ago forgotten
Tactile sediment laced with memories
of youthful endeavor
To have again in my hands the past
was like finding buried treasure

The night before last, I saw a child’s eyes
as bright as the light of the stars above
The night before last I saw myself looking
In the mirror of life
Through the haze of years gone by
I saw a child standing by the river

The night before last, I walked along the river’s edge
until I came upon a stone
I picked it up and held it in my hand
It was the same stone that I once held as a youth
I tossed it into the river and watched with delight
the ripples it caused.

Ricky J. Fico


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