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Living a Monumental Life Guarantees Monumental Rewards! Living Monumentally Enriches The World And An Enriched World Guarantees Us All The Greatest Rewards.

“Benevolence begins with the Heart and Flows through the Veins of Humanity promoting with every Pulse a Healthier World.

Ricky J. Fico

 As a few of you who may know me well enough, perhaps you’d understand what I am trying to accomplish… Because of the bounty of circumstances in my life (a few that may be deemed inexplicable) I have sought answers. Not only to my mere existence but answers to the chain of events that led me to where I am today….

For those who had read pieces of my memoirs you’d perhaps understand the reasons why I am more of an inspirational writer than anything else.

You see, my life was wrought with uncertainties, but for the longest time, I didn’t understand the reasons why. But after looking clearly at my life and the myriad of events that defy convention or coincidence I have come to the conclusion as to why I am here.

No, I am not God, I am not Jesus; nor am I a Saint or a preacher…. What I am, though, is perhaps what I’ve always been — a Messenger! And to fulfill my role as Messenger I had to waddle my way through one heck of an obstacle course. I now know the reasons why though — to make me stronger, to provide me with a greater understanding, to provide me more compassion, to provide me the many tools that would help me fulfill my duties. 

Today’s world is much more complex than it was then!

And let me clarify a point. For the longest time I was numbed to my existence by alcohol etc. and it really wasn’t until September 11, 1992 that I was awakened although I had been presented many signs previously and I thought then merely coincidence or simple serendipity, ah, but we all have those special moments, don’t we?

"You mustn't lose sleep over dreams not yet reached but reach for the dreams that will ensure a peaceful sleep." RJF

I know there are messengers on this planet, though a few of you may disagree, that is OK. Before the “soul-alerting chain of events” in my life and before I was provided greater awareness and greater understanding I, too, was skeptical. Before the many serendipitous encounters and parallel events in my life with those on the greater world stage I, too, wasn’t sure of my purpose here.

We are on the threshold of what I deem “The Golden Renaissance” a time of rebirth, a time for us to utilize our God-given gifts, creativity and know-how to beautify this world, our world, and our children’s world. This requires dedication, hard work and belief in the common good. I, again, cannot stress enough the importance of community — the joining of hands, hearts, and souls to help maintain balance….

Living a monumental life doesn’t mean possession of financial fortune or living in the spotlight of public adoration and fame, what I think it means is that you act in accordance with your own identity while acting in ways that are positive and conducive to happiness, serenity and harmony.

What I think it means is that you generate positive energies and in turn, your positive energies have a positive effect on others. Linkin’ Monuments— a positive chain of energy! Share your positivism with others. It is contagious.

Although I dealt with a lot of negative forces in my life and been burdened with many, many disappointments and met many dead-ends, I still retained a sense of optimism and a sense of purpose. Overcoming many challenges provides strength, provokes an amazing sense of accomplishment and being.

One of my favorite quotes that I penned most recently states: “You really shouldn’t wonder so much what your life might have been but put into action what you want your life to become.” Ah yes, for us who had rocky origins and detoured lives we mustn’t look at that aspect in a negative light but instead, place it in a positive light and let it shine on us brightly today. Let’s not begin our lives with yesterday: let us begin our lives with today.

Since I had been provided many, many signs as to what role I have on this planet it is incumbent on me to deliver to you what I’ve been given and it is my greatest hope that you’d do the same. Each one of us has so much to offer. I’ve always known this but since September 11, 1992 it has been made so much clearer to me…
You inspire me and I hope, at times, you are inspired by me!
A Mother reigns supreme to the Child but a Dedicated Mother reigns supreme to God.”  R.J. Fico


It is my philosophy that if we strive to live “monumental lives” we are, in essence, looking at those who had made such a positive impact in this world as exemplars, as inspirations.

Those such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa not only lived monumental lives but they, too, believed that each one of us could live monumentally as well. And why is that? Firstly, because they believed in equality. They believed in the human spirit. They believed in the “good of humankind.” They not only believed in themselves but they believed in their brothers and sisters. If they didn’t believe that each one of us was capable of exacting change then their efforts would’ve been futile and they’d turn their focus toward a lesser horizon.

  To live a monumental life, all one has to do is look toward the greater horizon and use his or her God-given gifts to reach that horizon. And in doing so, perhaps inspire others to do the same.

My simple philosophy: “A foundation is but the base and it is the collection of building blocks that creates what many should strive to ascend


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